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1. Find hiring managers

Our platform pairs you quickly with experienced hiring managers in your field and industry.

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2. Get roasted

Get tailored feedback detailing what you've missed, and how to fix it. No meetings required!

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3. Convert into job offers

Make changes, set yourself apart during your job interview using key insights from our expert panel.

Are you struggling with your job search?

Endless applications and interviews but not landing the job? Confident you're a fit but struggling to tell your story? Unsure what's missing? It's time for an interview roast.

  • Learn how to answer tough questions thoughtfully and strategically - effectively showcase your skills, experiences, and fit for the role.
  • Share your mock interviews with several hiring managers in your domain area or with friends. No meetings are needed.
Example of Feedback

Recruiters can make up their mind about a job candidate
in only 7.4 seconds! Is your resume up to it?


Get a six-second review

First impressions matter. Stop guessing, get a quick pulse from hiring managers and transform your resume into an interview magnet.

  • Get written feedback on what can you improve in your resume.
  • See how your resume compares to others in similar roles.
  • Get detailed areas of improvement.

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Frequently asked questions


Are you starting your job search? Are you sending applications but hear nothing back? Are you getting interviews but not getting hired? Perhaps you need to change your strategy. It’s a good idea to practice and benchmark your interview skills and keep them in top shape. Most job seekers face the silent treatment or zero feedback to troubleshoot their job search and fine-tune how they position themselves. To stay motivated in your job search, troubleshooting your search is a critical step that warrants your attention and prioritization. Even before your start getting interviews.

You can upload a resume or interviews and share them with friends. For getting feedback or reviews from our panel of hiring managers, there is a fee depending on the type and number of reviews you want.

We recommend sharing and pairing your resume or interviews with at least five hiring managers.

Yes! Our plans allow sharing your interview or resume with your friends with limited options.

We take steps to not launch your review with people at companies of your choice, but can’t guarantee complete privacy.